IEM Resources

List of IEM persons sorted in alphabetical order with e-mail adresses IEM Databases with WWW interface. Environmental Geochemistry WWW server of IEM.

Russian Geological/Geophysical Resources

Department of Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry and Mining Sciences Russian Virtual GeoNetwork (with dynamically renewed lists of Russian (and CIS) Geological/Geophysical Resources in WWW. Russian (and CIS) Geological Sites you can find here. United Institute of Geology, Geophysics & Mineralogy in Novosibirsk, Russia The "Mineral" Center (IGEM RAS) Geophysical Center RAS Geological Institute RAS (Only in Russian yet) OIL AND GAS RESEARCH INSTITUTE Mineralogical Museum named after A.E.Fersman Geophysical survey of the RAS Vernadsky State Geological Museum (Moscow) with widely represented information (electronic maps, databases etc.) Mineralogical Society of the Russian Academy of Sciences pages in russian and in english. Info about Mineralogical Society, Journal "Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society", Scientific conferences, symposiums, meetings and others.

World Resources

new The Earth and Planetary Science Express online. You can also access USA mirror site of EPSL. Many geological related links live here. One more list of Geographical and Geological Sites. newList of resources for mineralogists and petrologists, Institute of Mineralogy, University of Wuerzburg. Geological Student Society of the University of Utrecht (UGV) The VIRTUAL Earth - best tour of the World Wide Web For Earth Scientists (part 1) The SOFT Earth - best tour of the WWW For Earth Scientists (part 2 - Software and Software Sites) Mineralogical database Bob's mineral shop. Collection of mineralogical related software, images and other. Frequently Asked Questions in USENET newsgroup sci.geo.geology All University at World All United States University