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Deputy Director for Business
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  1. Research Divisions
    1. Laboratory of Fluid-Magmatic Interactions (Head: Prof. Yu.A.Litvin)
      1. Group of Magma Formation (Head: Prof. N.S.Gorbachev)
      2. Group of Magmatic Differentiation (Head: Prof. N.I.Bezmen)
      3. Group of Mantle Magmas (Head: Prof. Yu.A.Litvin)
    2. Mineral Thermodynamics Laboratory (Head: Academician Prof. A.A.Marakushev)
      1. Mineral Thermodynamics Group (Head: Academician Prof. A.A.Marakushev)
      2. Group of Magmatic Reology (Head: Prof. E.S.Persikov)
      3. Melts Group (Head: Prof. E.G.Konnikov)
    3. Laboratory of Ore Deposits Modeling (Head: D.Sc. Yu.B.Shapovalov)
    4. Laboratory of Lithosphere (Head: Dr. O.G.Safonov)
    5. Laboratory of Hydrothermal Systems Thermodynamics (Head: Dr. L.Z.Lakshtanov)
      1. Group of Fluid Systems
      2. Group of Geochemistry of the Superficial Phenomena (Head: Dr. L.Z.Lakshtanov)
      3. Group of Kinetics
    6. Laboratory of High-Temperature Electrochemistry (Head: Prof. E.G.Osadchii)
    7. Laboratory of Radioecology (Head: Prof. A.R.Kotelnikov)
      1. Group of Ore Components Solubility (Head: Dr. T.P.Dadze)
      2. Group of Chemical Analysis
    8. Laboratory of Mineral Synthesis (Head: Prof. V.S.Balitskii)

  2. Research Support Units
    1. Physical Research Laboratory (Head: G. V. Bondarenko)
      1. Group of IR an Raman Molecular Spectroscopy (Head: G. V.Bondarenko)
      2. Group of Moessbauer Spectroscopy (Head: Dr. G.V.Novikov)
      3. X-Ray Powder Diffraction Group
      4. Group of Microprobe Analysis (Head: Dr. I.M.Romanenko)
    2. Information Group (Head: Dr. Yu.B.Shapovalov)
      1. Editorial and Publishing Group (Head: Dr. V.V.Fedkin)
      2. Computer Networking Group (Head: D.A.Varlamov)
    3. Experimental Technological Department (Head: O.A.Mishenchuk)
      1. Bureau of Design and Technology
      2. Machine Shop (Head: N.I.Kartashov)
      3. Group of Control and Measuring Devices and Electronics
      4. Group of Technological Equipment (Head: N.A.Shirokov)
      5. Group of Electrical Equipment
    4. Administrative and Support Units

    Full listing of current staff and e-mail addresses in IEM (including available Web homepages) - generally for research scientists, you can view here.