Mpeg 3 software

This is a small part of tons of mpeg3 related software. For more complete list of mpeg3 software see
Eskmo page

Wick's mpeg3 page or mirrors: - mirror site list page

What is MPEG Audio Layer-3 ?

My collection of songs in mpeg3 format (You need a password)

L3 encoder/decoder v. 2.61 for SUN/Sparc/Solaris (binaries, trial 30 days vervion) - via FTP


MPG123 v. 0-59f for unix (sources) - via FTP
MPG123 v. 0-58 for unix (sources) - via FTP
MPG123 v. 0-59h for OS/2 (binaries) - via FTP
WinAMP v 0-96 dev.2 for Win95 (binaries) - via FTP

CD rippers

WinDAC for Win95/NT (bin) - via FTP