Computing Facilities and Structure of Network of IEM

  • Intel two-processors PIII-800 server (ServerWorks platform), 1 Gb RAM, 240 Gb of total disk space (on Ultra-160 SCSI Adaptec adapters), CDROM. Operation system - Linux Slackware 11, (kernel 2.4.36). WWW and File server, IEM Proxy, MX server
  • FTP, DNS and POP/IMAP server PIII-667, 160 Gb of total disk space. Operation system - FreeBSD 4.10
  • Internal network work under 100Mbit/1Gbit environment using different network equipment (DLink, Intel, Compex, CNet, Prime, Genius) including hubs, switches etc.
  • Now (2011 year) IEM Network include more then 120 PC boxes.
  • We also have administrative Novell based network integrated in IP Network as subnet. Network of IEM have external 1 Gbit/s link based on fiber optic wire to our Internet Services Provider (CHANT) and connected by 133 Mbit channel through MX-9 point to Moscow South backbone.