Periodic Table


Atomic number: 98
Atomic weight: 251
Symbol: Cf
Group number: (actinide)
Electronic configuration: [Rn].5f10.7s2


Californium is a radioactive rare earth metal named after the state of California and the University of California (USA). Californium-252 is a strong neutron emitter and one microgram emits 170 million neutrons per minute, making it a biological hazard. It has a few specialised uses but only a few of its compounds are known.

General information

Discoveror: Glenn T. Seaborg, Stanley G. Thompson, Albert Ghiorso, Kenneth Street
Date discovered: 1950
Discovered at: USA
Meaning of name: Named after the State and University of "California", USA

Physical data

Standard state: solid at 298 K
Colour: /TR>


This section gives some data for naturally occurring isotopes.
Nominal mass Accurate mass % natural abundance

Further Information

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